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Post  Admin Sat Oct 25, 2008 11:49 am

About us.

We are a guild in Oceanic Server " Jubei'thos", most of us are from Singapre and Malaysia.
We are currently recruiting Casual to mid range active players to join us in WOTLK.

We will be focusing on 10 Man Raids / PvP / Mount Runs / Achievements. And currently trying to progress in 25 mans
raids Will be held about 2-3 time a week, 1-2 in the weekdays.
1-2 in the weekends. Raid times for weekdays are prob SG 830PM-12aM , for weekends it can be anytime as long as majority is comfortable.

Currently we Cleared all 10/25 man contents

Our Motto is simple: Have Fun.

We dun give a shit about your gear and what level you are , cos as time goes by , you will get there sooner or later.
Enjoy the game , make friends and have fun.

we will be keeping track of the classes and numbers so everyone raid and no1 is left out.

The officers are Gronn, fujiwara, malicer, onite, miyabiz, blessedhorns, sadomaso. PM us if you have any questions.

And also as you move up the ranks.

You can get access to guild banks for repairs / mats / misc items.

You do your part, we do ours =)

This is the guild for you if:

1) You want to explore contents at your own pace. all of us in guilds are working adults, we love the game but sad to say we cant give all our time to it.

2) You want to log in and find group for instance/quest/Etc but unable to LFG and people LOL at your gear ETC, renewal gives you all the assistance we can.

3) If you want to play but unable to commit, we dun care about attendance , no /kick , no blacklist

4) If you have no time to farm gold , We have a guild bank to cover your repairs and provide assistance to your needs for raids/instance.

5) If you wan fair treatments ,We are fair in raid spots and loots , we will organise events for each and everyone.

6) If you are in asian region , Esp malaysia and singapore =) Aust welcome too.

DEF Not for those if :

1) Lootwhores

2) Selfish buggers

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